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Sour Beer Blog is a website dedicated to one of the world's most unique beverages: Sour Beer! We feature educational articles targeted toward both craft and home brewers of sour beer. We also publish detailed, flavor-based reviews of commercial sour beers. These can be thought of as "guided tastings" meant to both inform consumers about sour beers that they may want to try as well as to help sour beer brewers develop their palates toward the unique and nuanced flavors found in these wonderful products. You will not find negative reviews on Sour Beer Blog... Every beer that makes it onto the site is recommended by us because not only does it taste great, but because it is also clearly well made and devoid of significant off-flavors. We are here to promote and celebrate the awesome world of sour beers and the craft brewing culture that creates them. Thank you for joining us!


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Dr. Lambic Is Opening A Brewery!

Dr. Lambic and the creators of Sour Beer Blog are opening a new sour and farmhouse focused brewery in central Pennsylvania!  We invite you to check out Mellow Mink Brewing.  If you would like to support us, our Founder's Club offers access to exclusive sour beers and other great benefits!

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