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Designing and Brewing a Flanders Red Ale

Hello Sour Brewers! For those of you who, like myself, participate in Facebook, Reddit, or other online forums that discuss craft beer, you will have inevitably seen someone post the question: “What is the best sour beer for a new sour beer drinker to taste?”.  When reading these posts, I have seen answers range from “Don’t let them try any, more for us!” to “Some Cantillon ghost whale that costs $1000+ per bottle” to every other option in-between.  Despite the myriad of opinions, many folks will recommend that a new sour drinker should taste some version of the Flander’s...

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Prairie Funky Gold Mosaic

Hello Sour Beer Friends! As many of you know, I’ve been on a dry-hopped sour beer kick recently.  Following a tasting of New Belgium’s delicious Le Terroir and the recent bottling of my own dry-hopped blueberry & blackberry sour, I had the opportunity to taste Funky Gold Mosaic by Prairie Artisan Ales.  Prairie Artisan Ales of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was founded by brothers Chase and Colin Healey in 2011.  The brewery focuses on the production of sour and farmhouse ales as well as barrel aged specialty beers.  While this is the first time I am writing about one of their...

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Boulevard Love Child No. 4

Hello Sour Beer Friends! I recently had my first opportunity to drink a sour beer from Boulevard Brewing Company of Kansas City, Missouri.  In addition to being a big-time sour fan, I am also very fond of the diverse range of beers that fall under saison style and I have been looking forward to trying one of Boulevard’s sour offerings ever since I tasted their Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale.  Tank 7 is a very nice French/Farmhouse hybrid saison with a great blend of aromatics and bitterness as well as a crisp dry finish (which for me is an absolute...

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New Belgium Le Terroir

Hello Sour Beer Friends! The past month has been both a busy and exciting time for yours truly.  A few weeks ago, my partner and I enjoyed our third annual vacation to Aruba and I am happy to share that we returned home engaged!  Since our trip, I have been brewing often and am currently planning a sour collaboration beer with Bube’s Brewery of Mount Joy, PA.  March also marked the one-year anniversary of the launch of this website.  It’s been an awesome year and I am very happy for all the great feedback I’ve gotten from fans of...

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Soured: New Life For The World’s Most Ancient Beer Style

Hello Sour Beer Friends, I recently wrote a guest article for the Memphis Craft Beer website.  The article talks about the history of sour beers and how the American craft beer culture has not only embraced the sour and the funky, but has pushed these beers to new levels, creating styles and flavors not found in historic sour beers.  I hope you’ll check it out. Cheers! Matt “Dr. Lambic”...

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